Joseph Yoon is…

an entrepreneur who is the chef/owner of Yummy Eats (est 2011) and Dinner Echo, and the Executive Director of Brooklyn Bugs.  Joseph views his participation in this global food movement as an extension of his commitment to his community, and volunteers his time and resources with both Brooklyn Bugs and Yummy Eats. Joseph currently lives in Brooklyn with his amazing rescue dog Hazel. 

Brooklyn Bugs is…

an advocate for edible insects, and their mission is to raise appreciation and awareness for them through delicious, educational, and creative programming.  Their work has been featured on the Smithsonian Channel, New York Times, NPR, Food and Wine, and Gizmodo, as they strive to introduce edible insects as a sustainable source of protein that can be found in your pantry, eaten as a snack, and beautifully plated by chefs. 

They are currently on a nationwide College Tour, sharing their work, engaging with the students, hosting cooking workshops and demonstrations, posing challenges, touring laboratories, and identifying the greatest areas of research necessary for the adoption of edible insects in America. They have received numerous grants and are in the process of applying for more grants to continue their research with San Diego State University, Purdue University, and Monstana State University.

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