Full Stream of Live with Kelly and Ryan

Thu, Oct 11th - Full Stream of Live with Kelly and Ryan

*Full Episode Streaming - please share* What an incredible opportunity for us to share why the UN endorses #edibleinsects to address the issue of food scarcity, and provide a solution for how we can responsibly and sustainably feed the world’s burgeoning population in the near future. This is not a food trend; it is a MOVEMENT in the western world. After all, 80% of the world’s nations already eat edible insects, but it’s been marginalized and stigmatized in western culture.

Edible insects can be farmed sustainably, with far less resources and harm to the environment, are scientifically proven to be nutritious, and most importantly, it is an ingredient that is farmed and harvested for human consumption. We have to separate our idea of bugs as pests, and edible insects as a food ingredient for humans.

Think about the human heart—it’s an organ. But somehow, Valentine’s or Cupid or whoever was able to brilliantly reimagine the symbol of the ❤️ as a universal sign of love. This is what I challenge everyone to help us do. How can we normalize a sustainable, nutritious, and delicious product? Our answer is through education and engagement. We want to engage chefs, students, scientists, children, policy makers, artists, writers, and everyone to this MOVEMENT, to help raise appreciation and awareness for the practice of eating edible insects. We are inclusive, and want to build the community—we need your help and involvement to do so!

We don’t advocate for people to exclusively eat edible insects, or give up meat entirely. Rather, if even ten percent of Americans ate edible insects once a week, for Buggy Thursday, even that would have a tremendous impact on our environment.

Thanks to the Smithsonian Channel for featuring us on their #bugbites series, and to Live with Kelly and Ryan for allowing us to share our work with your audience. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to challenge millions of people to rethink their relationship with food. And as always, thanks to mom and dad for everything.

Fearlessly forward,

Joseph Yoon

Live with Kelly and Ryan - Thu, Oct 11th


Oct 11th at 9am

We are thrilled to be invited to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan to promote #bugbites, and our work with the Smithsonian Channel! Appearing on shows like this will help validate #edibleinsects and the work that we are doing to raise appreciation and awareness for edible insects.

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Summary of Last Year's Brooklyn Bugs Festival 2017

Our media correspondent, Entomo Central, wrote a wonderful summary of last year’s Brooklyn Bugs festival which you can read HERE.

The festival schedule that he covered was:

Sept 1 - at Kinfolk 94 - Conference Speakers and Presentations, special ento-lunch by Nha Minh and ento-dinner by Dinner Echo.

Sept 2 - at tbd Brooklyn Beer Garden - Vendor Market, Insect Petting Zoos, Entomophatron. and Bug Banquet with David George Gordon (at Brooklyn Kitchen)

Sept 3 - Community Brunch - special ento-brunch at Guadalupe Inn.

Read all about it HERE to get primed up and excited about our next Brooklyn Bugs Festival (Nov 14th-16th, 2018)!


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Brooklyn Bugs!

We are so excited…

about our new website, about our involvement as an ambassador for edible insects, about all the advancements we are seeing in the industry, about the upcoming research we will be conducting with numerous universities and scholars, about sharing our love and passion of cooking with edible insects, and for the next BROOKLYN BUGS FESTIVAL on Nov 14th-16th!

We’ll be posting regularly on our blog, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences with you.

Very truly yours,

Chef Joseph Yoon