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Brooklyn Bugs at LA Bug Fair w/ The Bug Chef, David George Gordon

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Bug Cook-off with Chefs David George Gordon and Joseph Yoon

East meets West— coasts, that is— as Brooklyn’s top bug chef shares the stage with Seattle’s favorite entomophage (and frequent guest to the Bug Fair stage).  Together, they’ll prove that there’s more than one way to skin a cat(erpillar) as they prepare an assortment of six- and eight-legged treats, serving them to the crowd both during and after their show.   

Bug Fair is a two-day festival celebrating  our winged, multi-legged, squirmy, and sometimes bug-eyed friends. Visit a variety of exhibitors – and see everything from exotic insect collections to pet tarantulas, from millipedes to centipedes, from bug-related products, like honey and silk, to bug-inspired artwork and jewelry. Visit the main stage to watch Bug Chefs whip up protein-filled snacks and explore the Nature Gardens for the chance to go on bug hunts, get crafty, experience up-close encounters with crawly creatures, and more!