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Brooklyn Bugs' mission is to raise appreciation and awareness of edible insects through delicious, fun, and creative programming.  After producing NYC’s first festival dedicated to edible insects over Labor Day Weekend in 2017, Brooklyn Bugs received notable press that shared its interest in promoting the gastronomical, sustainable and ecologically friendly aspects of entomophagy or the human consumption of insects.  

We are committed to educate and encourage people that this is not a food trend, but a movement that will continue to grow worldwide.  

Brooklyn Bugs cooks a ten course tasting menu for the New York Times Science folks!

The majority of Americans will be - voluntarily - eating bugs within 10 years. At least, that's what Chef Joseph Yoon predicts. Yoon is the executive director and chef of Brooklyn Bugs, an organization that raises awareness and appreciation for edible insects.

Insider Food features Brooklyn Bugs as they try a six course tasting menu.

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Napa Valley 

May 15th - We're happy to be making our debut in the Napa Valley, but we're sorry this is for a private event.  Hope to come again for a public event next time.  

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Private Event @ The Battery

May 17th - San Francisco

The Battery is pleased to welcome Brooklyn Bugs for their debut in San Francisco for a hands-on, delicious presentation of edible insects.  Nine delicious bites of food will be offered for each guest along with a special bug cocktail, as Chef Joseph Yoon gives a presentation on why this is not the newest food trend, but a movement that the UN endorsed in their FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Report in 2013.  

LA Bug Fair

May 19th & 20th - Natural Museum History

East meets West— coasts, that is— as Brooklyn’s top bug chef, Joseph Yoon, shares the stage with Seattle’s favorite entomophage, David George Gordon (and frequent guest to the Bug Fair stage).  Together, they’ll prove that there’s more than one way to skin a cat(erpillar) as they prepare an assortment of six- and eight-legged treats, serving them to the crowd both during and after their show.   

Future Fiction - Future Food

Tue - July 24th - Brooklyn Bugs is very pleased to be working with award winning fiction writer Alexander Weinstein--author of Children of the New World.  This fascinating dinner will feature new written pieces that will be paired with an edible insect dish. 

Join us for this fun, whimsical, and delicious night of entertainment.  

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Why Food? Podcast

Thursday, July 26th at 200pm

Please tune in and join Chef Joseph Yoon on the "Why Food?" Podcast discussing all things #edibleinsects #entomophagy #brooklynbugs

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August 13-15th 

Brooklyn Bugs is excited to be a sponsor and on the planning committee for The 2018 Eating Insects Athens Conference.  it will build on the momentum of the Eating Insects Detroit (2016) by bringing together experts and leaders in edible insects from industry, government, arts, and academia.  This three day conference will include exciting presentations on research and industry progress, an expo, as well opportunities for networking, collaborating, and tasting a wide range of edible insects.




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